21 December 2009

Happy Yule

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Yule and share what I have done on this beautiful day.

As winter takes its place in the season now, I am making plans to spend time Wed. with my family. Since my husband works at Busch Gardens and they have debuted ChristmasTown this year for the first time, we are all going up and walk through and see the lights. We will take in a show which should be really pretty. I am trying to get the bedroom revamped so that one of the things that was bought for my hubby will fit. So this will be interesting as I try to clear 1 whole wall space that is currently taken up by a big 6' bookcase. The whole thing has to be taken out. Then I have to repaint the wall so that it matches everything else... All this for a tv but the tv has to be mounted on the wall because of my rambunctious kitties. The tv we have now is an old tube and the poor thing was the victim of an at-the-time-unfixed male cat... Now the remote doesn't work since he decided to pee on the sensor and fry it. Thus why the new tv will be on the wall, I ain't taking any chances...

As far as my work, I did finally list my Gothic Victorian Choker. I really love this necklace and am so glad I finally got it up. Its so pretty and was done in Euro 4-1 weave in black and red rings. This is a pic of the necklace:

I am now working on a black and pink Euro 4-1, which will eventually be 2 bracelets but not sure if I am going to sell them separately or as a set. I am making them with opposite color scheme, 1 is black outside and pink in the middle, the other is pink outside and black in the middle. Of course doing this makes me want to try and find a way to connect 2 strips of weave so I can make a bracelet that is reversible. I will get pics of this as soon as I can.

19 December 2009


Well, as it is freezing cold outside and snow expected to start sometime between 5 and 7 this evening, it gives me a chance to kick off my new blog.

This is the home of Nightmaiden Designs and here you will get an inside glimpse of my world. You will see my designs, some even as they are being made. You will also be privy to special coupon codes that can be used in my shop for discounts and sales.

Also, you will get to see the personal side of me and not just my business. So, as I settle in to my new home here, I thank you for visiting and hope you will come again.