13 March 2010

Bismuth - Crafting With Gemstones

How much do you know about Bismuth? Do you know what it is? How about that you probably have ingested this mineral before and you may never have realized. This shiny multicolored mineral (shown below) is actually used in Pepto Bismal. It's true, grab a bottle out of your medicine cabinet and read what's in it.

Now that I may have just freaked you out a bit, how about if I tell you that you can actually grow this crystal in your own home. It is a great experiment for teens that are just not into science. This will get them interested when they can actually make something like this themselves. Sound interesting?

Well then click here and check out my article about Bismuth, where I tell you just how you can grow it yourself.

Photo credits go to IshiGallery from Etsy. You can click on her name to go to her studio. Please show her some love and check out all the lovely things she creates.

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