02 September 2010

Preparing for Earl

So I have been busting to get supply orders made up so I can order this weekend, which can be a PITA, because I have to go through the majority of my inventory. I have tons that I need to get finishing touches on so I can get pictures and get them ready for listing. All while placing my Artfire studio on sale for September, for a birthday sale. Now what is really bad, is that knowing that my birthday is in the middle of September, let alone Hurricane Season......

While trying to get all this straight, I am now bracing for Hurricane Earl. Which no one has any blooming idea what the storm is doing, so we are in a wait and see mode. have everything prepped in case we get slammed, as they are comparing it to the track of Isabel.... Great... (During Isabel, she was scheduled to get picked up by a front and moved out to sea, just like this storm. Only she sped up, much like this storm, and slammed right into us. We lost power for 2 weeks...)

Plus, trying to get my insurance straightened out so I can have this stupid tooth taken out. There is nothing worse than tooth pain. Especially when it's a wisdom tooth. I thought it was bad when I had my top ones pulled, nothing compared to the ones on the bottom that are impacted and sideways... So the pressure from this storm is just unreal and making the pain even worse. I really am just ready for this storm to come on and be done with it.

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