21 May 2011

Wreck This Journal Project

So along with all my other crafting ventures, it has come to my attention that several of my online peeps were doing a fun collaborative project. This project is a Wreck This Journal. For those who have no idea what this is you can view the Amazon page by clicking here.We are doing a group effort on the project and are taking it step by step each week. Since I just got my journal, I had to take a photo with it. I think this actually shows my devious side as I look like destruction is my middle name...
Now the current project was to Write or Scribble on the edges of the closed journal. I thought okay, no problem, just need to think of something that would be a tad interesting and specialized to me. So I finally figured out what.

This is the side of the journal:

It has some playful scribbles on the ends and then "Cap'n Tightpants". Now for anyone that knows me, I am a huge Browncoat and is very quotable. So here is a bit of the back story about this for anyone who is not familiar. In the episode "Shindig" of the Joss Wheden show, Firefly, Captain Mal Reynolds needs to attend a fancy ball. He is escorted by his ships mechanic, Kaylee. As he walks into the room, he asks Kaylee if his pants are too tight. So after some back and forth with her about unrelated things, he asks her to keep an eye out for someone to which she replies, "Yes sir, Cap'n Tightpants." So this has always stuck in my mind and always gives me a giggle. The marker is in brown, naturally, as he is a Browncoat and you don't wanna confuse that with the Alliance...

Here is the bottom of the journal:

This one is labeled as Capt. Jack. Since I love Doctor Who and Torchwood, this just seemed right. The end of it has a heart with the word No... above and But... below. In the Doctor Who episode Utopia, Capt. Jack teams back up with The Doctor. Every time Capt. Jack would attempt to talk to a chick, dude, or alien, The Doctor would stop him mid Hello and tell him No, just no... In which Jack would always reply, But! There were to be no love connections with Jack while The Doctor there that time. (Good thing The Doctor at least let Jack meet Alonzo at the bar in the episode The End Of Time) I used a blue marker for this one to match Capt. Jack's signature shirt.

Here is the top of the journal:

For the top, I had to have some River Song... So, instead of writing this little catchphrase on the oldest cliff face in history (which River actually did), I thought the better option, along with keeping me out of jail, would be to place it here. The marker was a glittery teal which I believe sums up River pretty well... But the phrase is how River always addresses The Doctor when she sees him.

So that is my scribbles on the journal edges as it is closed. I did however start some doodlings on the inside instruction pages and all that good stuff. So the first doodle I did was this stick figure:

This little figure is actually a reproduction of the figure that River Song drew on the wall of her cell after drugging the guard with her hallucinogenic lipstick. So instead of holding her at gun point, she was long gone and this is what she left behind. This is pretty close to the actual drawing, I tried to get it as close to her original one as I could.

So that is what I have done so far and there will be more pages coming every week!


  1. Enjoy! :) That looks really fun!

  2. Okay, that is WONDERFULLY geeky! I love it! :D

  3. Oh LORD!! Can I just say YES! And OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE THAT LAST EPISODE OF DOCTOR WHO!?!?!? WTF!?!?!?!? I did NOT expect that!! Ok so I found you on Artfire while trying to network with other pagan shops. Hello new friend! I look forward to reading your blog especially since we have so much in common! Love the Doctor! Love Firefly! Love Torchwood!