13 January 2011

The Addiction Begins

So over the past little while, I have decided to begin not 1 but 2 new product lines, Metal stamping and Glass Tile pendants.

Well, metal stamping is a tad pricey to get a full initial investment, so I am slowly building up my supplies. I have already determined that this will be a wonderful stress relief when my husband pisses me off, I can whack away on some metal. Not too bad, unless he decides to try and talk to me with a hammer in my hand... But really I think it can really help since I do have a bit of a hot temper and anything constructive to turn my heated anger on is really a good thing. The only downside that I can see to this will be the inevitable hammer to my finger when I miss the strike tool... I know this will happen at some point in time, I can just smell it...

The glass tiles are already sucking me in. I only got a trial packet from a wonderful Etsy seller, TheGlassConnection and I have already made 3 pendants. Now I will have to buy more supplies to keep up with my massive addiction of these little suckers. Now I say, trial package, since I want to make sure that I have the hang of the process before I start making them to list in my Artfire studio. So I am starting with some simple designs. The first thing I did was to cut out a flower that is from some scrapbooking paper. This turned out really well:


Next up was The Weeping Angel. (Yes, I am a Dr. Who nut)

Weeping Angel

Then I decided to do a reference to Calvin & Hobbes. This was my favorite comic growing up and was something that was very special to me and it still reminds me of my Uncle who passed when I was 13.

Calvin & Hobbes

I have so many ideas that I want to get made up with these that I am sure it will a never ending project for me. I have even been caught looking at collage sheets now too. So I guess you can really say I have caught the fever!

With all these projects going, I still need to list the things I finished before I got these. I am working on a Firefly/Serenity piece, a Zoe necklace, kinda along the idea of what she wore during the show.

So, off I go to find something else to get into and I don't know when I will surface... But at least one thing I do know, I am having fun. And that is the only thing that matters...

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