11 January 2010

New Items Being Listed!

I have finally been able to get new pieces listed today and will have even more if the weather cooperates with me tomorrow.

Okay, let me show what I was able to get listed. First is an amazing bracelet that is perfect for Valentines Day or just something special for your significant other.

This bracelet is made with a byzantine chainmaille weave in silver with touches of red. It also has Swarovski crystals in the color Siam and a beautiful stone with the word "Love" on it. This is a great piece as it is also adjustable in length.

Any special girl would love to see just how much you love her and this would be a great way to show her.

Next is a piece that I made because it is just so super cold. I am so sick of winter that I really need something to break the doldrums and put me in the mindset to get ready for Spring. I think this bracelet pretty much does just that.

This bracelet is extremely high quality and is very special. Why special? Because I used a special metal for the chainmaille. This piece boasts Argentium silver rings for the European 4-1 weave. It also has Swarovski crystal butterflies in pastel colors and a Sterling Silver lobster claw.

Now if you have never heard of Argentium, let me tell you about it and why it is so special. This metal is a higher quality than regular sterling. It will not tarnish nor turn as sterling eventually will do. It will remain bright and shiny just as it now. How do I know this for certain? I made a bracelet for my mom using this metal and she has worn it for 6 months straight without removing it. It is just as bright as when I made it. With no tarnishing, no turning color, nothing. Just bright beautiful shiny rings. I am totally in love with this metal. It is still very expensive to order but I am planning on slowly building up my supplies and integrating it into my designs.

So that is what I have listed now. I have some sneak peeks of upcoming items that should be listed within the next couple of days.

I have finished a bracelet in a Romanov weave with black and pink Czech crystals inside. This piece is so beautiful and I am working on earrings that will match the bracelet. However, these earrings will stand on their own as well.

This is the piece prior to me putting the clasp on it, which I did today. I will be getting pictures of it tomorrow, hopefully. I really love how this piece turned out and will be making one in black and red as well. It will also be a basis for a choker design that I am working on. The choker, I have not started as of yet but will be starting soon. It will be an icicle necklace and will have clear Czech crystals inside and Euro 4-1 drops with a clear teardrop dangling down. I'm even thinking of using this nice Swarovski snowflake that I have as a focal piece. I am still working out all the details but at least I have something to work with.

There is also a chainmaille charm bracelet that I finished today with an angel theme. It came out so amazing that I can't wait to get pictures and share. It has 3 different charms as well as blueish green swarovski crystals. This should be up tomorrow in my shop. I will be stressing to get this piece listed as it is just so nice.

I have a couple pairs of earrings that are finished. A pair of shoulder dusters with blue swarovski crystals inside dangling rings. These are going to be my waterfall earrings as the crystals kinda look like running water as its coming off a mountain. They are really pretty but I have not been able to get really good pics yet.

Kitty earrings are done as well and is just precious and I thought that they would be good to do because all my other kitty earrings sell really fast so with luck these will too.

So what am I up to now that I have been getting all this done? Well, I'm working on a chainmaille slave bracelet. I have most of it done but am just trying to work out all the details as far as how I want the swags to hang. I am trying to get it so it's feasible to wear and not be too bulky or too tight. That is where the issues are coming because it's so hard to hold the piece at my wrist and measure and mess with the swags. I so need more hands.

I have more supplies coming Thursday so I can't wait to see what I come up with next. I am just glad to have my design mojo back. Having been sick for 2 months and not feeling up to making hardly anything, this creative spurt is just what I needed.

So stay tuned and check out my shop and see the listings as well as a new banner that I made today.


  1. Beautiful new pieces! I love how the new silver looks. Marvelous.
    I'm glad your designing mojo came back too.
    Hugs my friend

  2. love the new stuff!!! i can't wait to see what sells first!!!!

  3. Those are beautiful. I like the Romanov weave as it's so different. Your piece with the butterfly looks so cheery that I feel spring isn't too far away.