31 January 2010

New Stuff Coming

I can not wait to start listing the new stuff that will be coming soon for my studio. There are a ton of cool brand new designs and even a new product line. That's right, I will be starting to list pendulums. I am working on my first one now. If all goes right I should be able to get it finished today and then get pictures within the next couple of days. I'm trying to fit it in with a custom piece I'm working on too.

I do have some projects that are currently in the process of being finished. One is about 95% done and there are some that are still in the design phase. I just have to wait until I can put in a ring order. I have a slave bracelet that is finished and I just need to get pics but I'm not sure if I'm going to list it, only because of the sizing.

I am also gearing up to start my line of men's and unisex jewelry. This will be wonderful mainly because that means my husband can actually model stuff actually made for men... I am going to be adding copper, brass and even bronze to this line.

My fine jewelry pieces are going to start adding up quickly. I already have one in my studio now and will be adding more. I have a beautiful piece beginning but I am working it in aluminum right now so I can get a ring count and then it will be made with Argentium and Rainbow Moonstone. This is going to be an "Icicle Necklace". Its going to be so cool since it will look like snowflakes and icicles. I can not wait to get the materials for this. Of course its going to be a higher priced piece but that's where the Fine Jewelry line comes in.

Of course you will be privy to the sneak peeks of the pieces that are in the works as soon as I get pictures. So don't get too antsy and they will come soon enough. Trust me I am antsy enough for all of us.

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