05 December 2010

Childhood Cancer

As everyone knows, I am very big in awareness for important causes and this one is very special to me.

A wonderful seller and mother to 3 great kids, has been battling the fact that 2 of her precious little angels has cancer. Not just any cancer but cancer of the eye. Her little baby girl, only 9 months old, has lost her eye due to this horrible cancer. Now, her 4 year old son, is undergoing treatments to try and reduce the tumors in his eye.

Now remember, these are children! So innocent. Now for those of us, who know whom I speak of, you know that these children are probably stronger than you or I. They take it in stride and know that they are loved and not only by their family. As they have become a part of our lives as well.

This collection was put together to help out this wonderful family and those who also know someone who has children afflicted with any kind of cancer. Let's band together and help the cause, family and other facing this same life speedbump.

You may purchase any item from this studio: CupcakesAndSkullsBowtique
This studio donates 5% to the research of Childhood Cancer.

Please, keep this family and others like them in your thoughts this holiday season.

Thank you to those who see how beautiful a child's life is.

*For Sara, give your children a huge hug from all of us within the Handmade Community. We all love you and your kids and here's to making a difference in all of our lives. Your children are beautiful, strong and special. They have touched our lives and made us stronger just by seeing them face something that would make adults break.

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  1. Watching one's child battle a critical illness is heart wrenching enough with out all the fear and worries of how to pay for the treatment, staying for weeks or months at a time away from home as many of have to go to hospitals hours away from our homes for treatment. So please help support this wonderful cause!