30 November 2013

Christmas Sale Collection by Mens-Accessories

So, for the Christmas season, I am proud to share that one of my items made it into a beautiful Collection.  

Curated by Mens-Accessories, this Collection named "Christmas Sale, features some amazing items and even more amazing artisans.  Check it out and maybe you might just find that last elusive present. And while my studio is actually on vacation until I move, I have not packed up my inventory, so if you are interested in my Mobius Chain Necklace, please just shoot me an email and I will take care of you.

This is my piece all by itself, Mobius Chain Necklace - Changing Leaves Blend:

And here is the gorgeous Collection that I am honored to have been included in. Check out the other items, (especially that wire wrapped pendant, is that not totally awesome!!) and support Handmade, real artisans, and find a small business whose hard work will be treasured forever.

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